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Bin Romani Foods take pride in the products that we manufacture. Under the light of Hadiths and proper research, we make all our medicine from 100% original and pure ingredients, Bin Romani Foods Cares about the Loyal customers who put their faith in us and our products. Hence it Is our mission and our aim as well to provide Medicines made with only pure and authentic ingredients.

Shifa-e-Ajwa Paste

Benefits of Shifa-e-Ajwa Paste:

  • Best redemy against all heart diseases.
  • Its helps to eliminate sexual and physical problems making you feel more alive physically and sexually.
  • Very effective remedy for private problems.
  • Very effective in improving integrity of any and all joints in the body while improving the agility of your leg muscles.
  • Improves the circulation of blood.

Ajwa Dates

Benefits of Ajwa Dates:

  • Ajwa helps eliminate dryness in mouth.
  • It helps free up congestion of chest.
  • Helps eliminate urinary/bladder problems.
  • It helps in improving sexual capacity.
  • Helps in keeping constipation away
  • It is very beneficial for heart and asthma patients.
  • Widely used in treating liver, intestines and bladder problems.
  • It boosts natural healing rate of wounds.
  • Very effective in reducing several genetic and physical weaknesses.

Pure Honey

Benefits of Honey:

  • Helps wounds heal faster.
  • Helps utilize dormant and wasted energy.
  • Very beneficial against joint and knee pains.
  • Very beneficial in improving sexual potential.
  • Helps cut down excess weight.
  • It is very beneficial in treating congestion and diseases like PNEUMONIA.
  • Honey is the best Meal and Medicine at the time, that helps fortify your body’s health.
  • It outweighs in nutritional values compared to other natural eatables, Like fruits, meat, vegetables etc.

Ajwa Seeds Powder

Benefits of Shifa e Ajwa Seeds Powder:

  • Heart patients are advised to take one table spoon of Shifa Ajwa Powder every morning on an empty stomach with mild hot water. It will help free up clogged arteries and veins allowing the heart to function better while it will strengthen the heart reducing risks of heart attacks.
  • Blood pressure patients are advised to take one table spoon of Shifa Ajwa Powder every morning on an empty stomach with water. It will help keep blood pressure in check.
  • Women with in infertility are advised to take one table spoon of Shifa Ajwa Powder with a tablespoon on honey every morning on an empty stomach.

Burni Dates

Benefits of Burni Dataes:

  • Burni can help cure Illnesses in men.
  • Burni dates is beneficial for your Kidneys.
  • Burni dates help in controlling cholesterol.
  • Consumption of Burni Dates is beneficial against illnesses.
  • metabolism, Provides aid to your liver in digesting food as well.
  • It helps strengthen the Valves in your heart making it stronger.
  • High amounts of iron in Burni dates are beneficial for your bones.
  • Burni dates are very effective against stomach illnesses like constipation. It helps boost
  • It is a gift from natures for pregnant women, as it beneficial for both mother and child due to its high nutrition content.

Honey Slim

Benefits of Honey Slim:

  • Used in many facial products.
  • An effective cure against stomach illness.
  • Effective in reducing excess body fat.
  • An effective cure against Liver and spleen problems.
  • Removes dandruff from scalp making roots stronger and thicker.

Umm - E - Shifa

Benifits of Umm-e-Shifa:

  • Umm-e-Shifa improves breathing.
  • Umm-e-Shifa helps eliminate constipation.
  • Umm-e-Shifa helps clear out congested chest.
  • Umm-e-Shifa is the best remedy for heart diseases.
  • Umm-e-Shifa helps keep the blood pressure in control.
  • Umm-e-Shifa is the best remedy to keep to your heart safe.
  • Umm-e-Shifa eliminates cholesterol from the blood, and prevents it from clotting in the heart.
  • Umm-e-Shifa naturally dissolves and eliminates excess fat helping you control your body weight.

Royal Anjeer Paste

Benefits of Royal Anjeer Paste:

  • The presence of honey, ANJEER, royal jelly in Royal ANJEER Paste, helps keep the body physically strong and keeps the effects of old age at bay.
  • For growing kids, Royal ANJEER Paste is the best tonic. It helps make their bones strong, and provide them with the nutrients they need.
  • Patients with Weak eyesight, High blood pressure, physical weakness, cholesterol, joint aches, weakness in bones and other illnesses, Royal ANJEER Paste is the best remedy for all of them.
  • Use Royal ANJEER Paste, stay sharp, stay agile and enjoy the healthy life.

Safar Jal

Benefits of Safar Jal:

  • Safar-jal helps eliminate constipation.
  • Can cure urinary bladder.
  • Can help remedy sexual illness as well.
  • Can cure liver and stomach sickness.
  • Beneficial for patients with ulcer as well.
  • Helps cut down excess fat in the body.
  • Safar Jal is capable of keeping the brain and the heart strong.
  • By reducing chances of heart attack, improves and strengthen the condition of the heart.

Honey & Kalonji

Benefits of Honey & Kalonji:

  • Protect the Kidney.
  • Controls Blood Pressure.
  • Eases Joint Pain.
  • Promote Good Cardiac Health.
  • Gets rid of Headaches.
  • Protect eyes & teeth against Infection.
  • Helps in Bone Formation & Calcium Absorption.
  • Reduce Ulcers & other Gastrointestinal Disorders.

Shifa-e-Senna Makki

Benefits of Shifa-e-Senna Makki:

  • Useful in cough and sore throat.
  • The body develops immunity.
  • Eliminates muscle tension.
  • Useful in ulcers and gas.
  • Eliminates constipation.
  • Protects from weather effects.
  • Controls blood pressure.

Saudi Dates

Bin Romani Foods ventured into dates industry in 2007. With humble beginning and dedication we have come a long way and achieved international standards such as ISO certifications and packaging lines and state-of-the-art date paste production lines.


Our dates are selectively picked from Madina e Muavara ( Saudi Arab ), we deliver with highest quality standards.

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